Your Nude Is Not My Nude! Lane Bryant Gets It!

Yet again, another major brand has made inclusivity the focal point of the release of a new product. For years, us Beauté Brownie's have tried to emphasize that what's "nude" for one woman is not "nude" for another. A few brands have finally come to understand this notion, with Lane Bryant being one of the most recent.

Lane Bryant has recently released their new line of womens underwear "True Nudes", a collection of "bras and panties in every shade of you".

Ugh! Finally, you guys are getting it! *slow clapping*

Check out their new collection below and let us know what you think! Will you be investing? We know we will be!

Big Ups to CoverGirl: New Foundation Alert!

See what happens when the Beauté Brownies come together and speak on what we need?
We recently came across the new film presented by CoverGirl, advertising their new "TruBlend Matte Made" Liquid Foundation and we most definitely slow clapped after watching. THIS is what we mean by inclusion of ALL women in the world of makeup.

What we loved most, however, was the positive message behind the product. The ad seems to serve as a thank you letter to all of the women who spoke up about their unique needs during CoverGirls “I Am What I Make Up” campaign, which focused on the the power of makeup to express individuality. It begins with, “For everyone who told us what they needed in foundation.” Clearly, our voices roared during this campaign. In comparison to far too many other beauty brands, we were not overlooked in the imagery of this ad and in the range of shades represented in this new line of liquid foundation.

Check out the film below!
Will you be getting your hands on this new foundation? 

We Have To Do Better: Erica Campbell's Daughter Reveals She Was Bullied For Her Dark Skin

It's so disheartening as a mother to hear for the first time that your child is being or has been bullied in school, a place designed to help them grow, rather than to serve as a memory of pain.

We sympathized with that emotion when we came across footage of Gospel singer Erica Campbell's daughter, Krista Campbell, describing an experience in school where she was targeted for her dark skin during a recent episode of TV One’s reality show, "We’re The Campbells". Krista, the eldest daughter of Erica Campbell and producer Warryn Campbell opens up about her experience that she had never told her mother below:
The first thing we asked ourselves was, "this is still happening in 2018?". Despite the fact that the climate of society is changing to embrace one another's individuality and differences, people are still simple minded enough to bully another human being over the skin color they're born with and quite frankly, it's infuriating. It's infuriating because it's a sign of ignorance and because Krista, along with so many other young girls, who are so immensely beautiful and gifted with an extra portion of melanin, are being made to feel less than the queens that they are.

We want to hear from you, what do you think we need to be doing better to stop this ignorance? What can we do to better equip parents to deal with this kind of issue?

Defeating Colorism: Accountability

by Gabrielle Marie

Apparently, the below post has been going around social media for the past few days and I will admit, when I came across it, I stomped my foot! We usually like to keep things light and fun, but THIS, I just had to speak on!
As a woman who was bullied as a child (in my case, because of my dark skin-tone), I identified with this post so much! Being the victim of bullying and harassment (both verbally and physically) for most of my school years, usually by class mates much lighter in skin tone than I (not always though, that's another conversation), this post hit a soft spot. It became so problematic to the point where I even had to be transferred to another school once. Those years were the root of a lot of the self-esteem issues I had, and honestly, those issues still linger on a bit into my adulthood. I remember feeling so distraught and unattractive by the time I came home from school each day, it didn't really matter that my family assured me of otherwise; in my mind, something was wrong with me. Therefore, speaking from experience, I can say that having those experiences as a child do leave wounds that take a very long time to heal, and for some, they never really truly heal.

Parents and other family members really do need to be very careful with how they uplift their children when they are are being bullied for how they look. It's important to reassure them that they are beautiful, but not to make them that their beauty makes them BETTER, even when it may very well be the root of others jealously.

My mother used to tell me all the time that "she's just jealous of you because you're a pretty dark-skinned girl" (as if those two words being in the same sentence was such an anomaly, but that's another conversation). Of course I know that my mom meant well, and just wanted me to see and appreciate my beauty. However, if I had taken her words and applied them to every single altercation I had with someone with a lighter skin tone than mine, years later you'd have a grown woman truly believing that her skin tone makes her superior and that anyone who looks different from her is simply envious.

Sadly, as Kyla mentioned, this very thinking is one of the many roots of colorism (and some's denial of it).

However, the lingering pain from childhood experiences cannot be accepted as a valid excuse for ignorant behavior. As adults, when we find traces of prejudice in ourselves, we definitely do need to acknowledge why those prejudices are there, because acknowledging the experiences that caused them is the first step towards healing and change. However, we cannot stop there. Most importantly, we need to make sure that we don't allow those experiences to become excuses for ignorant and hurtful thinking and bad behavior towards others. At a certain age, we have to take accountability for our actions instead of justifying them with bad childhood experiences. We all have one or more negative experiences from our childhood that has helped shape who we are as adults today. However, growth is a necessary and constant process and there's nothing wrong with checking ourselves when needed. If we can all do the work to acknowledge our scars, heal from them and grow, we make for better parents and in turn, a better future for our children!

The Woman Behind Childish Gambino's "This Is America" Choreography

We have been so obsessed with Donald "Childish's Gambino" Glover's music video for his new single "This Is America" that he released this past Tuesday! Not only is this single an amazing track, but the hidden messages weaved into many of the scenes that focused on the current state of our country and the indifference of most towards crime, injustice and corruption really resonated with us. Not to mention, he absolutely killed those dance moves.

Speaking of dance moves, we have Sherrie Silver to thank for that killer choreography.
Sherrie, a Rwandan native and favored choreographer, has always had a passion for dance. Her work was passed into the hands of Donald Glover's team and it was decided that she would be the perfect person to help bring light to the music video's political themes through dance.

Silver says her goal is to "take Afro dance and Afro culture to the world and then take the world to Africa," and this video gave her the platform to do that. Plus, the concept fit perfectly with her own background. "Dance is everything to us," she explains. "No matter how much is going on—even if it's the middle of a war or poverty or hunger—one thing Africans share is we dance our sorrows away. Not even professionally, it's just a part of our culture.

Learn more about Sherrie and her experience with creating choreography for this project via her interview with Eric Skelton of Pigeons & Planes here!

If you haven't already, check out  Childish Gambino's "This Is America" music video below!

Brown Gala '18

Beauté Brownies have taken over one of the hugest events yet again! Check out our favorites flicks from this years Met Gala!

Rihanna (she took the cake!)
Image result for met gala 2018 rihanna
Image result for met gala 2018 rihanna
Image result for met gala 2018 sza
Image result for met gala 2018 sza
Tracee Ellis Ross
Image result for met gala 2018 tracee ellis ross
Janelle Monae
Image result for met gala 2018 janelle monae
Yara Shahidi
Image result for met gala 2018 yara shahidi
Related image
Jordan Dunn
Nicki Minaj
Gabrielle Union
Image result for met gala 2018 gabrielle union
Image result for met gala 2018 gabrielle union
Adut Akech Bior (our favorite!)
Image result for met gala 2018 adut akech
Image result for met gala 2018 Adut
Image result for met gala 2018 Adut
Image result for met gala 2018 Adut

Beauté Brownie X Jolie Noire: Glow Up Giveaway!

There’s not much more powerful than a bond between sisters, take it from us, we know! With that in mind, this month, we’ve partnered with one of our favorite sister duos, Jolie Noire for a giveaway you’ll love!

Cultivating self-care and self-love is so important, because it allows you to feel good about where you are and where you’re going. It’s a mental process, but sometimes you need a little extra TLC! With the winter season taking what seemed like forever to go away, we wanted to gift one of our followers and their bestie with a box of self-pampering goodies, to help you relax and feel loved to help you ease out of hibernation and have you glowing just in time for Spring!
Besides goodies from both Jolie Noire & Beauté Brownie, we’ve partnered with some amazing brands, so you will love what we have in store!

In The Box:

  • Beauté Brownie Matte Lipquids
  • Jolie Noire Apparel
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  • e.l.f Cosmetics

To Qualify:

  1. Follow both Beauté Brownie & Jolie Noire on Instagram
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Follow the above mentioned rules between 12am, Wednesday, May 2nd through 12am, Saturday, May 12th to win your chance at scoring this amazing giveaway!

Winners will be announced at 1:00pm on Saturday, May 12th.

Ready, Set, GLOW UP! 

Brownchella '18

Might as well rename Coachella "Brownchella" because the Beauté Brownies showed up and showed out this year! Here's a few of our favorite flicks!

Angela Simmons
Justine Skye
Chloe & Halle
Nicki Minaj
Reginae Carter, Taina Williams & Zonnique 
Rihanna & Teyana Taylor pose for probably our all-time favorite flick from this years festival!
Teyana Taylor
And you KNOW we can'f forget out King Bey, who made history as the first black woman to headline the festival. She even reunited with Destiny's Child for both nights!